MyBus Geelong quality and safety

Quality and Safety are our number one priority

MyBus Geelong regards the safety of its passenger its top priority, at all times. We are committed to continue the increasing and significant expense involved in all safety management procedures. MyBus Geelong is committed to sparing no cost or effort when it comes to safety. We have established and will continue to implement what we believe are the highest safety management systems to maintaining our pristine reputation. There are many factors that contribute in making us safe and reliable. These include:

Registered & Insured

The operation of all MyBus Geelong services falls within the requirements of Bus Safety Victoria for the safe management of drivers and vehicles in Victoria.
We are accredited in terms of the law governing passenger transport in each state and have public liability insurance for all vehicles. Our preferred partners must comply with MyBus Geelong operating procedures and provide a copy of their public liability insurance, workers’ compensation and accreditation before we engage their services.

Policy Manuals

MyBus Geelong maintains written policy manuals to help maintain our safety record. These manuals contain safety policies on drug and alcohol programs, driver training and monitoring programs, fleet maintenance, fatigue and health, employment practices and more.

Driver Compliance Regulations

We take the law and customers safety very seriously. We work diligently to ensure vehicles and drivers operate well within the limits prescribed by law. We also ensure that our vehicles are inspected daily before departing from the depot to ensure safe operation.

Risk Assessment Policy

The operation of all MyBus Geelong services complies with legislative obligations applicable to registered bus operators under the Bus Safety Act and Bus Safety Regulations 2010 (Vic). We have in place WH & S policies & procedures covering the care of our employees & hold insurances to provide cover for Comprehensive, Third Party Bodily Injury (Green Slip), Worker Compensation and Public Liability.


All vehicles operated by MyBus Geelong are roadworthy and meet the Victorian standards. As well as being subjected to daily checks, all vehicles undergo quarterly inspections by our Quality Assurance Team and annual roadworthy inspections by a licensed vehicle tester, ensuring all vehicle comply with Government safety Australian Design Rules.


Drivers employed by MyBus Geelong are trained and hold a current driver’s licence and driver accreditation certificate which confirms that they are of good repute, and fit and proper persons with sufficient responsibility and aptitude to drive Commercial Passenger Vehicles.

How to book MyBus door to door airport transfer

MyBus is offering a door to door airport transfer service to and from Avalon Airport. The Charter will offer a fixed rate from as little as $40 per person, one way!

To book your seat on the MyBus Airport Transfer please call 1300 169 287 that’s 1300 1 MYBUS or email [email protected] during business booking hours.

Our booking team will be available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. To ensure a spot on the transfer bus, please book at least 24-36hrs in advance during our office hours. Please confirm in your email that you are requesting an Avalon Airport transfer, with your date and drop off or pick up location.

To view our zones and fixed rates, click here  MyBus Pricing Chart as at 5.6.24



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